Two Books for Boys (and Adventurous Girls)

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Kids who enjoy stories about knights in armor and medieval life will want to read Roland Wright, Future Knight. Ten-year-old Roland longs to be knight, but that's an honor reserved for the noble class, and not the son of a blacksmith. When armor made by Roland's father saves the king's life, the unthinkable happens: the king invites the blacksmith to send his son to the castle to be trained as a page, the first step in becoming a knight.  But which son?  Roland has a brother, and both want to go to the castle. How will their father decide?

Roland Wright, Future Knight is the first book in a series by Tony Davis. Scattered skillfully into the narrative are nuggets of factual information about medieval life, chivalry, armor-making  and the training of knights. Young readers won't even know that they're learning history as they follow the adventures of Roland Wright, Future Knight.

For readers who like their action non-stop and over-the-top, check out Doc Wilde and the Frogs of Doom. Grandpa Wilde is missing (again!), so Dr. Spartacus Wilde and his children Brian and Wren set out for the rainforests of South America to save him from ...frogs? The fantastic plot is matched with comic book-style action, snappy dialogue and the preposterously perfect Wilde family. Lots of fun for would-be adventurers!


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