Deliciously Sweet

by HipChick@evpl on Thursday, April 8 2010, 1:37pm. Viewed 792 times.

Friendship that overcomes insecurity and lonliness is the theme of this story and it comes to you in the most perfect form of delicious--a Cupcake!  A plain vanilla cupcake, who, next to his fancy decorated family, finds himself still sitting on the plate all by himself, unchosen.  Walking by is a perfectly plain candle who finds himself in the same predicament.  Candle decides he is going to help Cupcake be "something special."  Cupcake nicely refuses each strange topping Candle brings except...for a hilarious surprise ending.  This book is smart, funny, simple and...sweet.  It includes recipes in the back to make your own "Deliciously Plain Vanilla Cupcakes" and "Deliciously Plain Vanilla Buttercream Frosting."  Check it out today!

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