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Here are more books you might be interested in:


EARLY LITERACY PROGRAMMING EN ESPANOL: Mother Goose on the Loose programs for bilingual learners by Betsy Diamant-Cohen.  Resources include a CD-ROM, ready-to-present script, tips for working with Latino communities, research summary, and more.


KNOWING JESSE:  a mother's story of grief, grace, and everyday bliss by Marianne Leone (wife of the actor Chris Cooper).  Conveys the mother's unwavering courage, unbounded love, and perseverance in the face of adversity.

FASTEN YOUR SEATBELT: a crash course on Down syndrome for brothers and sisters by Brian Skotko.  Nine chapters with road term headings (for example: Detour Ahead: sorting out your feelings).

LEARNING DISABILITIES A TO Z: a complete guide to learning disabilities from Preschool to Adulthood by Corinne Smith.  Four parts, twelve chapters, four appendices.

THE K&W GUIDE TO COLLEGES FOR STUDENTS WITH LEARNING DISABILITIES OR ATTENTION DEFICIT/HYPERACTIVITY DISORDER.   10th Edition.  A resource book for students, parents, and professionals.  Profiles 357 schools and information on 1,000 more.  Covers admission requirements, services available, policies and procedures regarding course waivers or substitutions, and contact information

REFERENCE SECTION (cannot be checked out)

KIDS LIKE ME LEARN ABC'S by Laura Ronay.  Board book.  Sign language for each letter of the alphabet, with photographs of children with Down syndrome.

THE AMERICAN SIGN LANGUAGE HANDSHAPE DICTIONARY by Richard Tennant.  More than 1,900 sign illustrations, 327 new signs, and complete index of English vocabulary for all signs. 


TEN THINGS EVERY CHILD NEEDS for the best start in life!  DVD, 60 minutes running time.  Features child development experts.  Topics:  interaction; communication; relationship; play; music; reading; care; touch; self-esteem; and safety.

RAISING CONFIDENT READERS: how to teach your child to read and write - from baby to age 7 by Dr. J. Richard Gentry.  Based on five phases of literacy development.  Recommendations for at-home activities, books, strategies for overcoming dyslexia, and checklists.


WINDOWS ON THE WORLD: international books for elementary and middle grade readers by Rosanne Blass.   475 entries on recommended titles with bibliographic information and annotations.  Comprehensive author/title/subject index.  Organized by country and culture.  Divided into books appropriate for ages 4-8 and 8-12.

TEACHING GRAPHIC NOVELS: practical strategies for the secondary ELA classroom by Katie Monnin.  "ELA" stands for "English Language Arts".  Six chapters, extensive apprendices, reference lists, and websites. 

REACHING BOYS TEACHING BOYS: stragegies that work - and why by Michael Reeichert.  More than 100 detailed examples of classroom activities.  Three parts: Effective Lessons, Effective Relationships, and Lessons for Educators.

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