Boom-a-Tunes for Preschoolers!

by FiddleChick@evpl on Wednesday, December 8 2010, 1:07pm. Viewed 1,503 times.

For the past three years I have taught instrumental music lessons for 6-12 year olds at Central Library.  During this time many of the parents have asked, “When will you be offering this kind of program for preschoolers?”  Well parents, grandparents and guardians alike…I am FINALLY offering an instrumental program for preschoolers.  Just as I have begun a Boomwhacker program for ages 6-12 I have begun one for ages 3-5 called Boom-a-Tunes! 

So I bet you’re wondering, “What will you be teaching in this class and what in the world is a Boomwhacker?”  I’m glad you asked!  A Boomwhacker is a tuned percussion tube and when whacked it emits a specific note.  Think hand bell choir meets PVC pipes.  Boomwhackers are perfect for teaching as both an aural and visual aid.  With each tube they will be taught color recognition, rhythm and the relationship between size and pitch and create tactile and kinesthetic experience.  Basically, we are going to have TONS of fun while integrating some great learning materials with not only music concepts but colors, numbers, the alphabet all the while using our imaginations! 

As a private tutor in violin I also LOVE to incorporate some Suzuki methods while I am teaching in group settings such as this.  Thus I believe that this class will be a fun and exciting way to introduce your child to instrumental music.  And hey, if they really want to continue with instrumental music after the age of 5, I also have a great Boomwhacker course for ages 6-12 and Beginning Recorder class offered at Central Library.  And guess what the best part of this is?  These programs are completely free!

Registration for Boom-a-Tunes (ages 3-5) will begin December 16th.  To do so, either click on this link or call the READ Center at 812-428-8225.

This class will be offered Mondays at 10:00am.

If you have a child ages 6-12, they can register for Boomwhackers instead.  Registration also begins December 16th.  To do so, either click on this link or call the READ Center at 812-428-8225. 

This class will be offered Tuesdays at 4:30pm.

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