Fun Ways to Learn About Classical Music

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Classics for Kids is a radio station based out in Cincinnati Ohio where its host Naomi Lewin brings classical music's great composers to life through music and stories.  Within this website there is a bit of everything for everyone! Children and adults can listen to interviews of current renowned classical artists such as Keri-Lynn Wilson who holds three masters from the Julliard School of Music to opera singer Denyce Graves. Teachers and parents can also check out their teaching resources which give practical, effective plans and activities that use classical music to help children learn, and meet national and state standards.

However, within the website that is geared towards children and music education they also have a series of exciting games and quizzes you can play online!

The Note Game was very enjoyable.  Not only do you have to place the correct letters beneath the notes but it plays the notes for you so that the student recognizes them tonally.  Also, some of the words are very silly which was a plus for me. 

Composers Time Machine was rather exciting for me.  Not only did it have the whirring noises and blinding lights of a time machine but the student can choose what musical time period they want to visit.  I visited the romantic period and clicked on Modest Mussorgysky.  Beneath a button titled pieces you can listen to their compositions.  I listened to "Gnomes" a selection from his composition Pictures from an Exhibition.  I was also able to learn some biographical information on his life.  However, if you want to REALLY learn about your composer click beneath the button "Shows" and you will hear Naomi Lewin tell you very funny yet educational information about the composer while you are serenaded by their own compositions.  Did you know that Mussorgysky was a potty mouth?! This is an EXCELLENT tool to use in the classroom not only to learn about composers but also listen to popular compositions that even many students may already be familiar with. 

Compose Your Own Music was very fun because it allows you to be very hands on like a composer.  The program lets you place notations on a staff and makes certain that you put the correct amount of notes within your music as indicated in your time signature.  So, if it's green it's a go.  If it's red, you've made a mistake somewhere.  Once you have completed your masterpiece the program will play your musical composition back to you.  Choose between Beginner and Advanced depending upon your musical capabilities and give it a go.  Who knows, you just may be the next Mozart. 

Rockin' Rhythm Master was super cool as my kids would say. Essentially you listen to the rhythms given to you and you repeat them back via your space bar.  Your level of ‘coolness' rises depending upon your abilities of mastering the rhythms.  The first level reached is the ‘Cool Rhythm Master,'the second level is the ‘Hot Rhythm Master' and the final level I shall leave up to you to figure out.  With each level successfully completed you can print out a certificate with your name to authenticate your abilities.

So give this website a try and I hope you have as much fun as I did exploring the wonderful world of music. 

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