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Wow - we just received some great series of books available for check-out from the Educational Materials area. 

We have a series called Draw*Write*Now:  a drawing and handwriting course for kids! - eight books which are collections of drawing and handwriting lessons developed by an elementary school teacher and classroom tested by over 800 children. Over 150 lessons.  The themes are:  Book 1:  On the Farm, Kids & Critters, Storybook Characters.  Book 2 - Christopher Columbus, Autumn Harvest, The Weather.  Book 3: Native Americans, North America, The Pilgrims.  Book 4:  The Polar Regions, The Arctic, The Antarctic.  Book 5:  The United States, From Sea to Sea, Moving Forward.  Book 6: Animals and Habitats - on Land, Ponds and Rivers, Oceans.  Book 7:  Animals of the World, Part 1: Tropical Forests, Northern Forests, Forests Down Under.  Book 8:  Animals of the World, Part II: Savannas, Grasslands, Mountains and Deserts.  This series won several awards, including  the Learning Magazine Teachers' Choice Award.

Another series is The "Original" Monthly Idea Book - we have the January through April books.  For grades PK-3.  Each of these Each Teacher's Friend Monthly Ideas Book  is filled with dozens of ideas, patterns, crafts, and reproducible activities.  Also included in each book's 144 pages:  shape book patterns, motivational awards, open-ended games, celebrations, and award-winning bulletin board patterns.  I especially like the patterns.

The third series we received are Travel through              : come on a journey of discovery.  The individual book topics are:  America, Australia, Brazil, China, and Egypt.  Each book includes a locator map, essential statistics, and activity pages.  Also included are activities to develop thinking skills (research, recall of facts, understanding, knowledge and skills, analytical thinking, creativity, and how to form opinions and evaluate consequences of decision.  Further activities are listed based on different learning styles (linguistic learners, logicall and mathematical learners, visual learners, kinesthetic learners, musical learners, interpersonal learners, intrapersonal learners, and naturalistic learners).

The United States of Storytelling:  folktales and true stories form the                (Eastern States and Western States.  Appropriate for grades 3-8, but specifically for grades 4-6.  The Mississippi River is used as the dividing line.  Includes numerical rank and date the state entered the union. The chapter on Indiana includes 5 stories.  Extensive bibliography and contact information for featured storytellers.

We also received some interesting individual books:

Science Question of the Day:  180 standards-based questions that engage students in quick review of key content - and get them ready for the tests.  Grades 3-6.  Questions are from life, earth, and physical science.  Sample question:  "Beavers change their habitat by cutting trees to build dams.  The dams are their homes.  What could happen to an ecosystem with too many beavers?"

Conversations with Great Teachers by Bill Smoot.  Published by Indiana University Press.  10 chapters, with a total of 151 articles:  Teaching in the School Room; Teaching in the College Classroom; Teaching the Healers; Teaching the Creators and Performers, Teaching the Fixers and Makers, Teaching the Athletes, Growing the Body and Spirit; Teaching at the Bottom and on the Edge; Teaching the Protectors; and Teaching in the Corridors of Power.


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