Where the Mild Things Are by Maurice Send-up

by bookchick@evpl on Monday, March 28 2011, 9:55am. Viewed 1,200 times.

book cover     Take the classic book Where the Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak turn it around; tell from a wild thing named Mog's position and you have the parody Where the Mild Things Are by Maurice Send-up. I don't know how I missed this particular gem when it as released in 2009 but somehow I did. I don't want o give away too much but I will tell you that although they are never named, Martha Stewart, Jay Leno, Bill Gates and Al Gore all play a part in this wild thing's trip to Dullsville in his 1974 AMC Gremlin. 

     Adults will appreciate the book more than children mainly because they understand parody and can instantly relate things in this text back to the original, see the not so subtle jibes at a few famous people, and enjoy the nuances in the illustrations such as the book Mog is reading entitles 1,001 Facts About Dirt. Children will like this simply because it is amusing, colorfully well-illustrated, and because the Mog gets to be bad in the end and his parents like it that way. Something most children wish was true at least some of the time.

     It's a quick read so it won't take up much of your day but it may add a smile to your face and some amusing things to share with others who remember the original Where the Wild Things Are fondly.

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