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Yes, we have new books in the Educational Materials area - but first, I want to invite you to come see our totally renovated Educational Materials area - it will be so much more convenient for you to find books.  We withdrew books that have not circulated for a while (look for them at the August Public Library Friends Booksale), have merged Special Resources books into the regular Educational Materials books, have focused on teaching materials, have moved books specificially for parents upstairs, have relabeled, and in general have just re-organized - it really is quite an improvement!


We have added quite a few books about the Maria Montessori method of education.  Here are a few:

Maria Montessori:  the discovery of the child translated by M.J. Costelloe

The Advanced Montessori Method:  the Montessori Elementary Material by Maria Montessori

The Tao of Montessori:  reflections on compassionate teaching by Catherine McTamaney

Dr. Montessori's Own Handbook by Maria Montessori

Spontaneous Activity in Education:  the advanced Montessori method by Maria Montessori

Montessori Madness:  a parent to parent argument for Montessori education by Trevor Eissler


Let's Pretend:  50 start-to-finish preschool programs by Rebecca Bane.  Each theme includes an introduction, materials needed, step-by-step program example, additional props, final thoughts, and color photographs.  Topics include:  camping, winter, beach, zoo, firefighters, garden, Western, jungle safari, etc.

100 Essential Forms for New Teachers by Linda Beech.  Grades K-5.  Includes cd.  Eleven sections, some of which are Before School Begins; Getting Acquainted; Classroom Library; Currrciulum Areas; Assessment and Evaluation; and Home-School Connection.

Destination Collaboration 1:  a complete research focused curriculum guidebook to educate 21st century learners in grades 3-5 by Danielle DuPuis.  Four chapters:  Notetaking; Public Access Catalog; Informational Text; and Online Resources.  Each includes 2-3 lesson plans for each grade level.  Includes plans, interactive electronic activities, manipulatives, worksheets, and presentations.

Mastering the Mechanics:  ready-to-use lessons for modeled, guided, and independent editing by Linda Hoyt.  Grades 6-8.  Includes a year-long planner and a skills continuum, and a cd which has reproducible forms and student writing samples.  The cycles are ten minutes a day for three days, and covers editing, revising, capitalization, punctuation, grammar, etc.

American Legends & Tall Tales by Steven Petruccio.  One of my favorites - a Dover Coloring Book.  Includes pictures to color and information about over twenty characters of history and folklore, including Paul Bunyan, Pecos Bill, Annie Oakley, and Casey Jones.

Camp Summer Read: how to create your own summer reading camp by C. Kay Gooch.  Organized as a checklist, the book is a step--by-step guide that includes multiple book lists, read-aloud lists, and dozens of book-based activities.  If you are not quite ready to start a camp, the reading activities and ideas can easily be applied to a classroom or home setting.

AND DON'T FORGET:  The kick-off for the Summer Reading Program is this Sunday, May 22nd, from 1 to 4:30 p.m. here at Central Library.  The theme is "One World, Many Stories".




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