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  • Spring Has Sprung

    by HipChick@evpl on Monday, April 2 2012, 9:49am
    Flowers, bees, and colorful eggs abound when Spring is in the air. Make sure you are ready with some great chiildren's books sure to delight the entire family. Peepsqueak by Leslie Ann Clark is a short funny book about a little chick trying a great...
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  • Come visit the Educational Materials Center!

    by TeachersPet@evpl on Friday, March 30 2012, 9:24am
    We are replacing missing copies and completing series as well as adding new books - be sure to check us out! A retired teacher donated several Dover coloring books: Southwest Indians ; Life in Ancient Polynesia ; Children's Folk Costumes ; Story of...
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  • New Educational Materials Books

    by TeachersPet@evpl on Saturday, March 3 2012, 10:55am
    I hope you will find many of these books useful! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- EARLY AGES 1001 Fun Ways to Play...
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  • River City Community Art Project

    by jennywren@evpl on Tuesday, January 3 2012, 9:51am
    We will begin celebrating the Evansville Bicentennial with River City a Community Art Project here at EVPL. Come and participate in Central's lobby beginning Tuesday, January 17th. Art project participation is open to everyone and it will be fun and...
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  • Celebrate National Young Readers Week!

    by Blazer@evpl on Monday, November 7 2011, 10:10am
    Celebrate National Young Readers Week with EVPL! Visit any of our 8 library locations or the book bus this week to vote for your favorite books. Children ages 2 - 8th grade may select their top 3 choices on a picture ballot. Submit that ballot for a chance...
  • The little cloud that could...

    by HipChick@evpl on Monday, August 8 2011, 2:17pm
    Small, little Cloudette just isn't big enough to accomplish something making a garden grow, a waterfall, or even...snow! "I'll just watch from here," she says. After being blown to a new neighborhood, she meets a frog in...
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  • And still more books in the Educational Materials area

    by TeachersPet@evpl on Friday, May 20 2011, 12:59pm
    Yes, we have new books in the Educational Materials area - but first, I want to invite you to come see our totally renovated Educational Materials area - it will be so much more convenient for you to find books. We withdrew books that have not circulated...
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  • Some great new books in the Ed Mat area

    by TeachersPet@evpl on Monday, April 25 2011, 12:27pm
    PRESCHOOL Let's Pretend: 50 start-to-finish preschooler programs by Rebecca Bane. Fifty programs, with a wide vareity of themes such as camping, parades, farm, safari, dogs, and recycling. Each program includes an introduction, materials needed, step...
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  • Stick to the schedule

    by HipChick@evpl on Friday, April 15 2011, 9:12am
    Mister Bud likes things the way they are...his house, his toys, his schedule. But when a new dog comes to live with him, there's trouble. Zorro is bossy, Mister Bud is grumpy, but something surprising happens. Say Hello to Zorro! is about two complete...
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  • Where the Mild Things Are by Maurice Send-up

    by bookchick@evpl on Monday, March 28 2011, 9:55am
    Take the classic book Where the Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak turn it around; tell from a wild thing named Mog's position and you have the parody Where the Mild Things Are by Maurice Send-up. I don't know how I missed this particular gem when...
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  • Turtle in Paradise

    by bookmarkbeck@evpl on Wednesday, February 16 2011, 10:08am
    The title is misleading. No, this book is not about terrapin, but it is about paradise-the Florida Keys. The main character is a little girl named Turtle. During the Depression jobs are hard to find, but Turtle's mother gets another house cleaning...
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  • Some Neat New Books in the Educational Materials Area

    by TeachersPet@evpl on Friday, February 11 2011, 1:53pm
    We have several in a new series called Travel Through (country): come on a journey of discovery. The subjects we just received are the British Isles, the Caribbean, France, India, Japan, Russia, and Spain. Each title includes a locator map and essential...
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  • Still More New Ed Mat Books!

    by TeachersPet@evpl on Thursday, January 20 2011, 10:26am
    Check out these new books! Foreign Languages: Little Linguists: Learn a Language Book series. Each book contains activities for history, trivia, humor, language, and more. We have the books for Chinese, French, German, Latin, Russian, and Spanish. --...
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  • Calling all educators!

    by TeachersPet@evpl on Monday, January 10 2011, 12:06pm
    Wow - we just received some great series of books available for check-out from the Educational Materials area. We have a series called Draw*Write*Now: a drawing and handwriting course for kids! - eight books which are collections of drawing and handwriting...
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  • Fun Ways to Learn About Classical Music

    by FiddleChick@evpl on Wednesday, January 5 2011, 10:25am
    Classics for Kids is a radio station based out in Cincinnati Ohio where its host Naomi Lewin brings classical music's great composers to life through music and stories. Within this website there is a bit of everything for everyone! Children and adults...
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