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  • New this week!

    by TeachersPet@evpl on Friday, September 12 2008, 12:45pm
    We have a good selection on books in a category labeled "PLAYS", for a wide variety of topics and reading levels. Many of these books feature very short, no-props-needed plays. We have three new books in this area this week: GETTING READY TO...
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  • Celebrate National Young Readers Week!

    by Blazer@evpl on Monday, November 7 2011, 10:10am
    Celebrate National Young Readers Week with EVPL! Visit any of our 8 library locations or the book bus this week to vote for your favorite books. Children ages 2 - 8th grade may select their top 3 choices on a picture ballot. Submit that ballot for a chance...
  • Mercy Watson to the Rescue!

    by mrsweasley@evpl on Thursday, August 6 2009, 2:50pm
    When my husband and I travel, I always bring audiobooks to pass the time. Last week we took a trip to Michigan with two of our grandchildren, ages 4 and 6. I knew I would need audiobooks to keep them occupied, but how could I please everyone? What could...
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  • Teddy Bears

    by TeachersPet@evpl on Wednesday, September 3 2008, 10:05am
    Come to the READ Center at Central Library on Tuesday, September 9th for a fun evening of races, coloring sheets, and other activities. All ages welcome. Prizes for everyone! The theme this week is "Teddy Bears"
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  • Programs are back!

    by LibraryLady@evpl on Thursday, September 4 2008, 11:46am
    EVPL kids' programs are back in swing! After a much needed break, storytimes and school age programs started up again on September 2nd. Check out our program for events at your library. We hope to see you there!
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  • New Educational Materials Books

    by TeachersPet@evpl on Saturday, March 3 2012, 10:55am
    I hope you will find many of these books useful! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- EARLY AGES 1001 Fun Ways to Play...
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  • Peter David's Mascot to the Rescue!

    by kiya@evpl on Saturday, December 13 2008, 2:10pm
    Mascot to the Rescue! Josh Miller likes comic books - especially the ones about Captain Major and his sidekick Mascot. Then Josh starts to notice that Mascot is a lot like him - his dad disappeared one day, Mascot's real name is Josh Mills, and on...
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  • Spring Has Sprung

    by HipChick@evpl on Monday, April 2 2012, 9:49am
    Flowers, bees, and colorful eggs abound when Spring is in the air. Make sure you are ready with some great chiildren's books sure to delight the entire family. Peepsqueak by Leslie Ann Clark is a short funny book about a little chick trying a great...
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  • Educational Materials area under reorganization!

    by TeachersPet@evpl on Wednesday, October 6 2010, 10:45am
    PLEASE PARDON OUR MESS! We are currently reorganizing the Educational Materials area here in the READ Center at Central Library, and you may have difficulty finding the book you want - just ask for help! New Books you might be interested in: ********...
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  • Another Good Story by Cornelia Funke

    by UndergroundLibrarian@evpl on Wednesday, February 25 2009, 6:23pm
    Besides the Inkheart series, Cornelia Funke has also written The Thief Lord , another exciting story. Recently-orphaned Prosper and his little brother Bo have run away from Germany to Venice to escape their mean aunt who is trying to adopt Bo. By great...
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  • I'm Scared!

    by HipChick@evpl on Tuesday, October 7 2008, 7:18pm
    Just one more game of hide and shriek please??? Little Baby Mummy ventures out into the deep dark woods. There are friendly creatures that clank, clink, glug, glop, flip, flap, scritch, scratch! Yikes! Where's my Mummy? . A great, spooky read that...
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  • People and Places

    by TeachersPet@evpl on Tuesday, September 2 2008, 4:55pm
    On Mondays at 3:30 I have a program for school-age children called "People and Places". Each child will receive a folder of information and activities about that day's topic. September 8th the theme is "INTERNATIONAL HOLIDAYS - SEPTEMBER"...
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  • Come visit the Educational Materials Center!

    by TeachersPet@evpl on Friday, March 30 2012, 9:24am
    We are replacing missing copies and completing series as well as adding new books - be sure to check us out! A retired teacher donated several Dover coloring books: Southwest Indians ; Life in Ancient Polynesia ; Children's Folk Costumes ; Story of...
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  • This ember didn't start a fire with me

    by E-Ville Librarian@evpl on Wednesday, September 3 2008, 9:31am
    The First thing that struck me about The City of Ember by Jeanne DuPrau was that the people were very naive. I realize that this is a childrens book so it tries to keep it simple, but kids are much more savvy than these kids seem to be. Add to that the...
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