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  • Stick to the schedule

    by HipChick@evpl on Friday, April 15 2011, 9:12am
    Mister Bud likes things the way they are...his house, his toys, his schedule. But when a new dog comes to live with him, there's trouble. Zorro is bossy, Mister Bud is grumpy, but something surprising happens. Say Hello to Zorro! is about two complete...
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  • Fall Children's program schedules available now!

    by Blazer@evpl on Friday, August 22 2008, 10:59am
    Check out your favorite branch and all the wonderful programs coming your way beginning September 2!
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  • New Books in the Educational Materials area

    by TeachersPet@evpl on Tuesday, September 2 2008, 4:58pm
    Come see the wonderful resources we have available for parents and teachers in the Educational Materials area in the READ Center at Central Library. We have a special resources area, magazines, seasonal displays, new books, and a quiet place to work....
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  • Zany Wooden Toys

    by mrsweasley@evpl on Tuesday, November 3 2009, 1:04pm
    I'm not a woodworker myself, but if I were, I would want to work my way through all the projects in Zany Wooden Toys the Whiz, Spin, Pop and Fly . It's a delightfully colorful book filled with excellent illustrative photos, clear and precise how...
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  • I've heard there are TWO sides to every story - maybe even THREE

    by kiya@evpl on Wednesday, September 17 2008, 4:07pm
    Millicent Min is having a bad summer - 1. Her mom signed her up for volleyball 2. Her grandmother is about to move away 3. She doesn't really have friends, though Emily is a possibility 4. She has to tutor awful Stanford Wong 5. Her mother might be...
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  • What if your MOTHER were running for President?

    by kiya@evpl on Tuesday, October 14 2008, 7:15pm
    Vanessa kind of likes living in the Governor's Mansion with her mother, the governor of Florida. The food is really good, and you never know when you'll run into somebody famous, like Governer Schwarzenegger! But Vanessa is not happy that her...
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  • Still More New Ed Mat Books!

    by TeachersPet@evpl on Thursday, January 20 2011, 10:26am
    Check out these new books! Foreign Languages: Little Linguists: Learn a Language Book series. Each book contains activities for history, trivia, humor, language, and more. We have the books for Chinese, French, German, Latin, Russian, and Spanish. --...
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  • Grandparents Day and the Book Bus

    by UndergroundLibrarian@evpl on Tuesday, September 2 2008, 5:37pm
    Grandparents Day is coming up soon. The Evansville Museum is celebrating Kids and Grandparents Day on Sunday, September 7 from 1:00 to 4:00pm. Lots of things will be going on there that day. For one, you will have a chance to visit EVPL's Book Bus...
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  • Two Books for Boys (and Adventurous Girls)

    by mrsweasley@evpl on Wednesday, November 25 2009, 12:53pm
    Kids who enjoy stories about knights in armor and medieval life will want to read Roland Wright, Future Knight. Ten-year-old Roland longs to be knight, but that's an honor reserved for the noble class, and not the son of a blacksmith. When armor made...
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  • Cursed

    by HipChick@evpl on Friday, October 16 2009, 11:19am
    The Pire family was perfectly happy living on Nostfer Avenue. But, when the new neighbors move in, things change quickly. The Wolfson's stay up all night, they lock their windows, and they love sunshine! What's a happy vampire family to do? They...
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  • Lucy Long Ago: Uncovering the Mystery of Where We Came From

    by UndergroundLibrarian@evpl on Monday, September 14 2009, 3:48pm
    When they found he r fossilized bones in 1974, the scientists had a tape recording of the Beatles' Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds . They were so excited at their discovery that they played it over and over. So the hominid uncovered in Hadar, Ethiopia...
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  • Is a Picture Worth a Thousand Words?

    by UndergroundLibrarian@evpl on Saturday, October 4 2008, 12:34pm
    There has been a lot of interest in a new poster in the Children's area of Oaklyn Branch Library. It shows the cover of each Caldecott Award winner for the best picture book of the year since the beginning of the award in 1938. Kids are looking for...
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  • Calling all educators!

    by TeachersPet@evpl on Monday, January 10 2011, 12:06pm
    Wow - we just received some great series of books available for check-out from the Educational Materials area. We have a series called Draw*Write*Now: a drawing and handwriting course for kids! - eight books which are collections of drawing and handwriting...
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  • Counting to Christmas

    by mrsweasley@evpl on Wednesday, December 2 2009, 3:13pm
    Waiting for an anticipated event (like Christmas) can be very difficult for young children, who have not developed a sense of the passage of time. Here are some books to help them count down the days. Counting to Christmas by Nancy Tafuri is a large-format...
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  • Supplemental Music Material for Children

    by FiddleChick@evpl on Tuesday, March 31 2009, 2:30pm
    I was fortunate to come across an amazing book that greatly helped me when teaching my recorder classes last October. Because it was such a great resource, we decided that it would be wonderful to have a copy to circulate within the branches. This book...
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