Flight of the Conchords - Season one

by Bufkinite@evpl on Monday, June 23 2008, 10:03am. Viewed 1,145 times.

Bret & Jemaine are Flight of the Conchords.Two New Zealanders come to New York City to make it big in the folk music world.  They have an incompentant agent who manages the band out of his "day job" office in the New Zealand Dept. of Tourism, and one fan, who borders on stalking them.

Shot on location in NYC, this is one of the freshest, most creative, and funniest things I've seen on television for a long time.  Whether it's girlfriends, getting mugged, finding your own apartment, or playing a lousy gig, everything is fodder for great humor and wonderfully silly folk songs.

I'm looking forward to more.

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Dr.Beat@evpl wrote
on Wednesday, July 16 2008, 1:55pm

they call me the, hiphopopotamus my lyrics are bottomless...

LOVE this show! get the soundtrack! if the library doesn't have it, it should!

googler@evpl wrote
on Tuesday, July 22 2008, 1:16pm

I loved the episode where Brett says he dances when he gets mad, then Jermaine and the new guy kick him out of the band, so Brett gets mad and dances across town a la "Footloose."

on Tuesday, July 22 2008, 4:07pm

Hmmm...rave reviews all around. To the top of the Netflix queue!!!