Rome: Seasons 1 & 2

by MediaPhile@evpl on Monday, July 21 2008, 5:06pm. Viewed 867 times.

RomeI just finished a Rome marathon -- loved it!  I don't subscribe to HBO but had heard great stuff about the Rome series and noticed it on the shelf and the rest is history.  My son Eric says that it was the most expensive TV production ever, which probably contributed to its demise after two seasons.  The plot was intricate, the characters funny and intriguing, the history believable if somewhat sketchy, lots of battles and "love" scenes, etc. 

Best nonstop viewing experience since the final season of The Sopranos.  Almost makes me want to give up books and watch all the TV series I've never watched (24, Lost, Deadwood, etc.) until I become a TV zombie and get so sick of it that I can no longer stand to touch a remote. 

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