The Dark Knight is way too dark

by MediaPhile@evpl on Thursday, July 31 2008, 5:16pm. Viewed 1,222 times.


This movie is about a half-hour to one hour too long -- it could have used some judicious editing.  Once the relationship between Batman and Rachel is resolved (I won't tell you how), the dramatic tension is gone.  They should have just said "And then..." and ended the dang thing.  We all know that we will be seeing these characters in the sequel anyway so we will have plenty of time to get to know their latest foibles.

Re all the profound ruminations by critics and the movie's characters of the battle between good and evil, hey, what movie doesn't deal with this eternal struggle?  (Well, I guess we can exclude comedies).  So one side is bad and the other good.  So what?  I doubt that anyone was made a better person or a better citizen by watching this flick.  And if the point is that a true hero would choose GOOD over LOVE, it's obvious this script was written by a man.  The choice ends up being wrong, anyway, since ultimately Good turns to Evil and a new villain is created.

I saw "Dark Knight" in IMAX and by far the best parts were when we were soaring or otherwise doing acrobatic tricks above the Chicago (Gotham) skyline.  Awesome!

And of course there is Heath Ledger.   His performance was deliciously wierd, but I couldn't stop thinking about how he is dead.  Now "Brokeback Mountain," THAT was a GOOD movie!

So, heh, Rotten Tomatoes -- a 94%!?!?  Well I guess it will sweep all the Oscars (Not)!

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on Tuesday, August 5 2008, 5:20pm

I am convinced that this movie got an extra "goose", as it were, through the untimely death of old Heath.  I have not seen it yet, but I hear Christian Bale's voice gets on everyone's nerves.  I still want to see it, but would every one be raving about it the way they are if Heath Ledger hadn't OD'd?

on Wednesday, August 6 2008, 11:06am

I agree with you about the boost that Heath's death gave to this film.  Rather ghoulish, isn't it?  Re Chritian Bale's voice, it didn't get on my nerves, but his Batman smile did.  His best scenes were when he strutted into a party or onto a luxury boat with a really hot babe on both arms and a smug, satisfied smile plastered on his face.  When he donned the Batman suit, the smile looked rather forced.

on Wednesday, August 6 2008, 12:47pm

Christian Bale is pretty attractive - and he's a good actor.  I wonder if the whole Batman thing is for the money - it must be.  Maybe why the smile looks so forced?  To me, Michael Keaton was still the best movie Batman.  Adam West - too campy.  Val Kilmer - too bloated.  George Clooney - well, that's kind of like a superhero playing a superhero. ;)  Michael Keaton rocked Batman.

on Wednesday, August 6 2008, 2:48pm

I saw this movie and I thought there was a lot of talking and not enough action! I liked that this Batman wasn't a gadget freak and  I thought Heath Ledger, despite having died before this movie came out, did a really good job.  I haven't really liked any of the men who have played Batman.  Maybe they need a serious actor like Sean Connery or my fav good ol' Harrison!!!  

on Wednesday, August 6 2008, 4:49pm

I thought this movie was sheer brilliance.  It was a bit long (2.5 hrs), but I was never bored.

True, most movies have the cliched "good vs. evil" setup, but The Dark Knight's was more complex than most.  Is Batman, performing vigilante justice, "good"?  How thin is the line between "good" and "evil", as shown by Harvey Dent's storyline, and what can cause someone to cross that line?  (wimmin, of course!)

Bruce Wayne/Batman DID want love over anything else.  As new district attorney Harvey Dent, Gotham's "White Knight", was cleaning up the streets through the courts, Wayne was ready to hang up his cape and start a life with Rachel.  Unfortunately, with The Joker's reign of terror, those plans quickly spiraled out of control.

@librarianinheels: Regardless of his passing, Heath Ledger's portrayal of The Joker was phenominal.  Seeing the madness his character was capable of in the first half of the film caused a sense of dread everytime he appeared on-screen thereafter.  By the end of the film, I wanted The Joker to die.  Any actor that can get the audience that emotionally charged is worthy of the highest praise.

Most definitely my pick for best movie of the year.

on Wednesday, August 6 2008, 5:27pm

Best movie of the year -- maybe at the MTV Awards!

on Thursday, August 7 2008, 9:05am

I have to agree with the Librarian in Heels that Michael Keaton has been the best Batman so far.  Don't have any good ideas re any of the current young actors -- I don't even know who most of them are!  

on Wednesday, August 27 2008, 3:25pm

I have not seen this movie yet but I know everyone checked out Brokeback Mountain right after he died!!

Nette wrote
on Wednesday, May 27 2009, 6:32pm

This movie was good. I thought Heath ledger was phenominal.