Snow Cake (2006)

by wag.mado@evpl on Thursday, August 28 2008, 10:47am. Viewed 1,062 times.

I picked this one up because the name intrigued me. I really didn't even read the synopsis on the back cover - just took it home and popped it in.

The story is about an ex-con, Alex (Alan Rickman), who becomes entangled in the life of a hitchhiker, Vivienne (Emily Hampshire), he picks up while driving north to Wawa, Ontario. Vivienne's mother, Linda (Sigourney Weaver) is autistic and her neighbor Maggie (Carrie-Ann Moss) is an unmarried woman who enjoys the "company" of men.

The characters in this film are complex enough to hold your interest. The plot is slow-paced but keeps you guessing and is worth a few laughs as well. Weaver's performance grew on me, however I've seen better depictions of autism. Still, I thought Hampshire and Rickman more than made up for Weaver's weaknesses.

If you need action and special effects, don't even think about watching Snow Cake. However, if you are willing to sit with this one until the story unfolds, you may be surprised and delighted. I certainly was.

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on Tuesday, September 2 2008, 10:00am

Sounds promising. I think I will give it a try.  Sigourney Weaver as an autistic -- intriguing!

on Sunday, September 7 2008, 1:16pm

I checked this out and watched it yesterday.  Great flick - a mixture of pathos and humor that is hard to beat!  And it stars the two greatest sf women warriors of all time -- Sigourney Weaver ("Alien" series) and Carrie-Ann Moss ("Matrix" series)!

on Wednesday, October 29 2008, 7:20pm

Sigourney Weaver is her usual exceptional self in this wonderful film, and Alan Rickman successfully steps outside of the period moves into a contemporary role.