KA-POW!!! "Batman: The Movie" a campy good bat-time!

by professor.knowsitall@evpl on Thursday, September 11 2008, 4:26pm. Viewed 2,467 times.

Batman movie posterI must preface this review with the fact that I'm only 25 years old.  I did not get to experience Adam West's Batman during its bat-heydey in the 60s.  However, I do have fond memories of going to grandma & grandpa's (they had cable!) as a kid, watching reruns on their HUGE 27-inch console TV.

To commemorate its 42nd bat-anniversary, along with cashing in on the bat-success of The Dark Knight, Fox re-released Batman: The Movie on DVD, and for the first time released it in HD on Blu-ray.  I recently viewed the Blu-ray version and, having never seen the film, didn't know what to bat-expect.

The story is about as crazy as they come:
The Joker, the Penguin, the Riddler, and Catwoman team up to highjack Commodore Schmidlapp's yacht containing a superdehydrator.  This superdehydrator can extract all moisture from a human, reducing them to a pile of dust.  The villians' plan to take over the world by dehydrating the 9 members of the United World Security Council and holding their dusty remains for ransom.  It's up to Batman & Robin, with their Batmobile, Batcopter, Batboat, and all their miscellaneous bat-tools (all prefixed with the word "bat-"), to put a stop to this evil bat-menace!!!

Batman vs. SharkWithin the first five bat-minutes of the film, you know what you're in for.  When an at-sea rescue attempt gets foiled, Batman finds himself dangling on a rope ladder from the Batcopter, being attacked by one of the Penguin's exploding sharks!  Thanks to 1960s special effects, the exploding shark is a giant rubber shark attached to West's bat-leg that he beats mercilessly with his bat-fists.  Holy sardine, Batman!  Robin retrieves the shark repellent bat-spray from the cockpit, gets it to Batman, and with a single spray the shark falls back to the sea, exploding on bat-impact (I'm guessing PETA didn't exist in the 60s).

The movie features lots of campy, laugh-inducing bat-dialog:

  • Batman: [reading a riddle] What has yellow skin and writes?
  • Robin: A ball-point banana!
  • Batman: [reads the second riddle] What people are always in a hurry?
  • Robin: Rushing people... Russians!
  • Batman: So this means...
  • Robin: Someone Russian is going to slip on a banana and break their neck!
  • Batman: Precisely, Robin!
  • Robin: [pointing toward the sky] That crazy missile! It wrote two more riddles before it blew up!
  • Batman: [reading a skywritten message] "What goes up white and comes down yellow and white?"
  • Robin: An egg!
  • Batman: [reading another skywritten message] "How do you divide seventeen apples among sixteen people?"
  • Robin: Make apple sauce!
  • Batman: [thinking out loud] Apples into applesauce - A unification into one smooth mixture. An egg - nature's perfect container. The container of all our hopes for the future.
  • Robin: A unification and a container of hope? United World Organization!
  • Batman: Precisely, Robin! And there's a special meeting of the Security Council today. If what I fear is true...
  • Robin: Wow! Let's commandeer a taxi!
  • Batman: No, Robin. Not at this time of day. Luckily, we're in tip-top condition. It'll be faster if we run. Let's go!
  • Robin: [while running] Holy marathon! I'm getting a stitch, Batman!
  • Batman: Let's hope that it's a stitch in time, Robin, that saves nine - The nine members of the United World Security Council. Come on.

 A tale of two FreezesMy only bat-complaints...

  • It's an hour and forty minutes long, which isn't too terribly long, but the campiness does wear a bit thin towards the bat-end.  Also, the bat-ending is pretty uneventful.
  • WHERE IS MR. FREEZE?!?!?!?  He was my favorite bat-villain in the TV series, and he could've easily been worked in, making the fearsome-foursome a fearsome-fivesome.

I still recommend this movie, just for the sheer bat-goofiness of it all.  It's a fun look at Batman prior to his 80s gone-goth makeover.  So check out this bat-DVD, pop some bat-popcorn, relax in your bat-recliner, and enjoy the crazy antics of Batman: The Movie!

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this.is.not.here@evpl wrote
on Thursday, September 11 2008, 5:28pm

And one of my favorite bat-quotes from the TV show is from Robin:

"Golly Gee Minor, Batman"  

And of course after the cliffhanger ending the announcer says:  Tune in next week same bat-time, same bat-channel or station (can't remember which).

on Thursday, September 11 2008, 7:55pm

When the Michael Keeton version of Batman was released they played this movie non-stop on TV.  I remember staying up all night and watching the complete Adam West television series from beginning to end (I was in middle school.)  Good to see the good ol' hokey stuff makes it to someone's TV.  Great clip of Batman fighting the shark by the way.

Thumper wrote
on Friday, September 12 2008, 9:37am

I actually picked up some shark repellent bat spray from Wal-mart last week. You'd be surprised how many chicks notice it on my belt and really dig it.

kiya@evpl wrote
on Friday, September 12 2008, 4:52pm

My favorite part is when Batman has the bomb on top of the building, looking for a place to throw it where innocents won't get hurt, and on one side of the building is a bunch of kids, and the next side has a Salvation Army band, and the bomb is getting closer and closer to exploding...

on Monday, September 15 2008, 4:46pm

Thumper, I don't know who you are, but that is pretty scary....

on Monday, September 15 2008, 10:00pm

@Thumper: So I went to Wal-Mart over the weekend looking for shark repellent bat-spray...the workers had no clue!  I'll try Target tomorrow.

@kiya: Check the YouTube link in the "More Info" section to relive that laugh-inducing bat-scene!

kiya@evpl wrote
on Thursday, September 18 2008, 7:53am

@professor: that's the scene! and even better than my inaccurate memory. Why did I think he was on the roof?

on Thursday, September 18 2008, 9:45am

@kiya: The roof scene is right before that YouTube vid begins.  Batman & Robin (very cheesily) scale the building, and once on the roof they peer in a window and see the bomb.  So your bat-memory ain't that bad!

@Thumper: Target didn't have any either!  Were you pulling my bat-leg???