War Heroes and Their Families

by wag.mado@evpl on Thursday, September 11 2008, 3:37pm. Viewed 843 times.

I guess most of us know of someone who lost their life in a war. The documentary, Be Good, Smile Pretty, takes an emotional look at the personal story of one child who was left fatherless by the Vietnam War.  Tracy Droz Tragos' lets us in on her journey to discover who her father, U.S. Naval Soldier Don Droz really Be Good, Smile Prettywas, before he was killed leaving her behind as an infant.  She follows her heart and interviews those that knew her father in the military, his family members, and her own mother who lived through the tragic loss of her husband. Many emotions are brought to the surface and revealed, resulting in a powerfully touching documentary.

More information can be found at the PBS website, Independent Lens.

EVPL and Purdue's Military Family Research Institute are honoring local war heroes with a program called Heroes' Tree. Don't let this Veterans Day go by without remembering those who served or paid the ultimate price for our country.

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