Who knew cavemen had such vocabularies?

by E-Ville Librarian@evpl on Tuesday, November 4 2008, 4:04pm. Viewed 644 times.

I recently picked up 10,000 BC from the library, and I have to say it wasn't so bad.  However, these guys could have written the great American novel.  Of course, I am willing to suspend belief with the whole english thing, though Mel didn't worry too much with the language barrier.  But for them to be so articulate, I got beef.  With that said, you gotta love sabre-toothed cats and other prehistoric monsters.  Add to the mix human sacrifice, pyramids and creepy, alien-esque bad guys, and you've got a fun little two-hour diversion.  While we're talking about cavemen, check out Caveman's Valentine with Samuel L Jackson.

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