Two Weeks (2006)

by HRevvdon@evpl on Saturday, December 27 2008, 5:58pm. Viewed 699 times.

Two Weeks (2006) is about four grown siblings that return to their mother’s house to be with her while she is dying from ovarian cancer.  There are wonderful poignant performances from all the characters, all of which are played by actors that always turn in credible performances but don’t have the star-power to make you remember their names.  You will remember their faces.


The strongest performances are from Julianne Nicholson as Emily and Ben Chaplin as Keith, along with the usual excellent performance by Sally Field as the mother.  Field is in an almost dual performance as a woman in the last days of dying and in video vignettes filmed by one son in the days before she becomes bedridden.  The vignettes serve to punctuate the emotional impact of what the siblings are going through and give insight to the character of the mother.  Listen carefully for gems of wisdom and observation from both the mother and Emily.


The film is touching, emotional, and funny.  It is well written and directed by Steve Stockman and based on personal experience.  Having recently lost three family members, two to ovarian cancer, I thought the film would be difficult to watch but I told myself I would just stop it and take it out of the DVD player.  Rather that being difficult to watch or depressing, it was a cathartic experience for me and so obviously close to “real life” that I was laughing out loud.


It is an exceptional independent film that I would highly recommend.  I am very glad I stumbled across it.

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