Meet Dave, you might not like him

by E-Ville Librarian@evpl on Saturday, January 24 2009, 1:10pm. Viewed 907 times.

Another Bad Eddie MovieI just saw Eddie Murphy's recent DVD release on my iPhone, and I think it had a few moments where it wasn't half bad.  While the story was hokey, the acting wasn't anything to mention, and even though the Razzies agreed it was one of the worst movies of last year, I'm soft on it.  Murphy is a master comedian in my book, and this was another example of master physical comedy.  While the role no doubt required little actual work for the actor, I found the subtle expressions and stiff-jointed portrayal of the robot to be the highlight of an otherwise forgettable film.  As always, Murphy plays a second character as captain of the human-shaped ship which no doubt required even less of the actor than the other role.  The more I think of this movie, the more I think of Pluto Nash...

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