DTV Transition OFFICIALLY DELAYED til June 12...well, kinda

by professor.knowsitall@evpl on Friday, February 6 2009, 10:51am. Viewed 957 times.

Wilmington, NC transitioned during Sept 08; doing so required a huge, symbolic light switch.While previous efforts to delay the DTV transition failed, on Wednesday the House of Representatives approved a delay until June 12.  That's right, folks: the mandatory cutoff date has officially moved from February 17 to June 12.

HOWEVER, while stations are encouraged to wait until June 12 to cease their analog broadcasts, they are not required to do so.  Following FCC guidelines, they are free to go digital-only anytime beginning February 17.  So some stations may continue with their planned transition on February 17, some may wait until June 12, and some may switch anytime between then.  BRILLIANT!

As broadcasters are wasting thousands of dollars broadcasting in both analog and digital, I'm thinking most will still opt for the February 17 date.  If that happens, what did the "delay" accomplish (besides being a waste of taxpayer money)???

So what about our local stations?  I can't find anything official yet, but most of their websites are still claiming February 17.  If/when anything formal is announced, I'll post it here.

Converter box couponThe only good news out of this mess is that funding for the Converter Box Coupon Program will (supposedly) be replenished.  If you need a converter box, but haven't purchased one yet, head over to DTV2009.GOV to apply for a coupon.  You'll be added to the waiting list, and coupons will be sent out to all these folks once the funding comes through.  Cross your fingers.

While I understand the motives behind the delay, I would consider the implemented plan to be flawed, at best.  What do you think?

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on Tuesday, February 10 2009, 10:51am

On June 12 ( pushed back from the original February 17 date), TV will change forever. Whether or not

on Tuesday, February 10 2009, 4:53pm

I think that people had plenty of time to get organized for the tranisition and that they should have stuck with the Feb. 17 transition date.