"Who Watches the Watchmen?"

by PotionsMaster@evpl on Wednesday, March 11 2009, 9:36am. Viewed 822 times.

I did.  Last night, actually.  I'm usually all over graphic-novels-turned-movies because I like to see how the film industry interprets the books Rorschach from 'the Watchmen'and how accurate the sets are.  On this one, I was going to wait to see the movie until I had read the novel, but at the urging of a Watchmen-loving friend, I was lured to the grandeur that the film claimed to give it and saw the celluloid version first.  "The movie will be more interesting to you if you don't know what's happening," he said, "The movie is the book practically frame for frame."

The opening was well done to hook a person in; it's not every day that you see someone get hurled through a window off a tall building.  After Art from the Film "Watchmen"that big of a bang to start off with, I thought that's what the rest of the movie was going to be like, but it then did flashbacks to explain the Watchmen's origins.  While interesting, it started to drag out a bit as it set up the rest of the doomsday plot.  It is set in an alternative universe where Nixon has been elected for 5 consecutive terms (scary thought all on its own without the 'end of the world' threat), America has won the Vietnam War, and Cold War is very much about to become a reality.  After the Masked Vigilante golden era, people dressing up and fighting crime are banned and outlawed.  That provides some problems for the Watchmen.

The fight scenes, on the other hand, were everything you'd expect from Zack Snyder; especially after 300.  Those are what made it worth sitting through the history lesson in the beginning.  I didn't quite understand where the super strength of the Watchmen came from, with the exception of Dr. Manhattan.  They seemed to be like Batman on superhero juice, every day Joes with an unusual amount of power packed into their punch.   

All in all, I liked the movie.  The fight scenes were glorious, but I wouldn't spend money to see it on IMAX; you'll get the same effect on any size screen.  I'm glad I saw it before reading the book, though I hear tell that a giant squid is missing from the movie.  It gave me more of a reason to sit through the 163 minute long film.  My friend was right on that point.  However, my friend had also told me, "You'll never guess who the bad guy is."  As soon as I saw the costumes, I had to shake my head and smile.  I don't know as much about comics as some people, but I do know one truth.

Bad guys almost always wear purple. 

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