"Let the Right One In": a Swedish vampire flick

by MediaPhile@evpl on Saturday, March 14 2009, 4:58pm. Viewed 1,125 times.

                            let the right one in                                  A Swedish vampire flick, you say?  Impossible -- there is no such genre! 

But here it is in the flesh.  And it turns out that it not only netted a whopping 97% rating on rottentomatoes.com but "Cloverfield" director Matt Reeves is making an American version to be released in 2010.

So is it worth all the hype?  Well, yes and no. 

I am of the opinion that American filmmaking is so good that it is hard to find a "foreign" flick that rivals our productions technologically -- in cinematography, editing, special effects, sound quality, etc.   Our acting and directing techniques are also quite polished.  And, of course, a ton of money is poured into most American productions, and money talks in alot of ways.

That said, this film -- in Swedish with English dubbing -- has a striking and inventive plot, an increasingly forbidding atmosphere, and two marvelous child actors -- the blonde (almost Albino) Oskar and the dark mysterious Eli who moves in next door.  So what if some of the minor characters can't act and the set designs shout of production on a shoestring?  It is still a really cool flick and I can't wait for Reeves' version due out next year!

By the way, the movie is based on a bestselling Swedish novel, Låt Den Rätte Komma In by John Alvide Lindqvist,  who also wrote the screenplay for the movie.

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this.is.not.here@evpl wrote
on Sunday, March 15 2009, 10:02pm

Is it as scary as "Fatal Attraction" when I screamed and threw my popcorn up in the air in the movie theater?  I seem to be getting a little braver at seeing horror movies as long as they aren't gross or slashers.  

I'll add this one to my list which I am cleverly keeping in my iphone.  

on Monday, March 16 2009, 12:56pm

Actually I didn't think it was scary at all -- it was pretty gross though in parts -- of course, I don't get scared by vampires -- now at least -- when I was a kid I took a cross to bed.