To Be and To Have

by wag.mado@evpl on Thursday, June 18 2009, 2:38pm. Viewed 934 times.

To Be and To HaveRecently, I revisited some of my favorite movies – ones that stayed with me for weeks after seeing them. Here’s what I had to say following my first viewing of To Be and To Have in 2005.  It still holds true today.

If you shy away from subtitles, take this one home anyway.  French director Nicholas Philibert brings us this enchanting documentary about a one room school house set in the French countryside.  The film gives us an inside look into the lives of children ages 4 through 10 and the interactions with their devoted teacher, Georges Lopez.  It was shot during a six month period, starting in mid-winter and ending with the retirement of Lopez in the spring. The connection between Lopez and his students is strong, as he has been the only teacher they have ever known. Watching this film brings up many emotions, as scenes were shot in the classroom, at home, and on a fieldtrip.  In the end, one realizes how remarkable this teacher is as he guides his students through all varieties of life lessons.

Watch it and let me know what you think.





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