Revolutionary Road - movie not as good as audiobook

by on Tuesday, November 24 2009, 10:59am. Viewed 923 times.

I just finished listening to Revolutionary Road by Richard Yates on Overdrive audio download which I transferred to my mp3 player.  The reader, Mark Bramhall does a wondeful job of nailing Frank Wheeler's patronizing cynical attitude toward everyone and everything.  He even captures April his wife, their neighbors and even the real estate agent with equal precision.  The book was well written and told a coherent story.  But now back to the movie.  The movie is at best confusing and at worst badly miscast.  Leonardo DiCaprio's Frank just looks too young and Kate Winslett has always looked a little on the matronly side to me.  And as far as I could tell most of the performances seemed really forced and as my husband would say "N.B." (that means "Not Believable").  So many little important parts were left out of the movie that when it was over my own mother commented "I don't even know what happened."  I had listened to the book so I could fill in the blanks but the movie seemed to start in the middle and then unsuccessfully work its way to the beginning and then finally got around to a totally anti-climactic ending.  

I'd have to give it a "thumbs down".                  



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on Tuesday, November 24 2009, 11:31am

I agree that the book was better than the movie.

on Tuesday, December 1 2009, 7:18am

You are right on the mark about the movie.  I think both main characters were miscast.  I was also disappointed.