Precious total thumbs up!!!!!!

by on Wednesday, March 10 2010, 3:16pm. Viewed 940 times.



 I just watched the DVD of the movie “Precious I have to report that it was by far one of the best movies I have ever seen.  It contained every emotion imaginable ranging  from the depths of depravity, rage, and horror to the highest display of euphoric joy.  The movie is based on the novel "Push" by Sapphire


All the actors bared their souls as well as their faces and stepped outside their comfort zone.  A range of emotions floated across their faces as they came to the realization that incest, child abuse, poverty, and illiteracy  were Precious reality.  Monique did an exemplary job of portraying a tortured tragic mother who has focused all her anger on her teenage daughter.   To say that Precious is an abused child is an understatement.  Yet what sets this movie apart from the mainstream of typical “lifetime” movies is the way that Gabourey Sidebe  the brilliant teen actress copes with tragedy with moments of fantasy in which she “sees” herself strutting down the red carpet, dancing with abandon and being idolized and admired by everyone.


I was afraid to watch this movie because I felt it might be too intense.  I usually either pace, read, or play games on my laptop while half watching really frightening suspenseful movies.  These 109 minutes flew by and I was glued to the screen so as not to miss anything. 


Put this at the top of your list of “must see” movies.




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on Tuesday, March 23 2010, 11:42am

I watched Precious last night--finally.  It was upsetting to watch, but it ended on a more hopeful note.