Sherlock Holmes is taking back "deduction" from the IRS

by E-Ville Librarian@evpl on Saturday, April 10 2010, 11:26am. Viewed 2,288 times.

I was really skeptical about the quality of the new "Sherlock Holmes" when I saw how quickly it came to video.  However, Robert Downey Jr. has again left me thankful this actor didn't end his days the way of Belushi or Farley.  Every time this guy puts on a character role I find myself entertained.  Whether it is channeling real-life characters like journalist Steve Lopez or the superhero swagger of Tony Stark (AKA Ironman), Downey presents his viewers with a believable portrayal every time.  In the case of Sherlock, Downey presents an eccentric take on the classic character that will no doubt leave traditionalist with a sour taste.  I on the other hand liked the new take on the original.  Sherlock's eccentricity seemed believable, and the shoot-em-up directing of the ex-Mr.-Madge (Guy Ritchie) is the director's best since "Snatch."  My main beef was with the familiartiy of the theme.  Anyone ever seen "Young Sherlock Holmes?"  I loved it as a kid, but so must have Mr. Ritchie.  Chalk this one up as a guilty pleasure if you must, but I hope they make a sequel.

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