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Mystery Science Theatre 3000... 

            Or, MST3K as it is adoringly called by its diehard fans who call themselves "misties."    

Join JoeL, Mike and his robot friends, Crow, Tom Servo, Gypsy and Cambot, in the Satellite of Love for the first EVPL "Bad Movie Night"

It's Big. It's bold!  It's Grand! It's smart-alecky! It's Ironic!  It's tongue-in-cheek sweetly sarcastic and teasingly-good fun! Watch, as Dr. Forester and TV's Frank force the boys of the S.O.L. (Satellite of Love) to endure bad "B" movies (or should I say "C? "D?" "F"?). To stay sane, Joel and his witty robot pals "riff" on and make fun of the bad dialogue, the plot (or lack thereof) and, well,. everything else bad about the movie. And believe me, there is plenty bad about these movies!  

 First up? - Manos: the Hands of Fate, a film made by Texas fertilizer salesman Harold P. Warren which, according to Wikipedia, was made for under $20,000. And, in this train-wreck, it shows!!  See Torgo, the disgusting, wretched, thighful assistant to "The Master", do rotten things in this Rotten Tomato. This stinker of a movie is unintentionally f-u-n-n-n-n-n-y and a train-wreck you won't want to miss.

Come prepared to laugh. It's Bad Movie Night in the Browning Room at EVPL. It's a Stinger  of an experience.     

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