Saw and Loved Isaac Hayes

by on Wednesday, August 13 2008, 5:42pm. Viewed 675 times.

I did see Isaac Hayes perform in Nashville at an outside festival event.  He was fabulous.  I remember he wore aqua blue lounging "pajamas???", and sat at the organ and just grooved.  Wow!!!  I was so sad to hear that he had passed at such a young age.  A real loss.  Are there any other fans of Chef out there?


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E-Dub@evpl wrote
on Thursday, August 14 2008, 10:14am

Chef was awesome. It was strange when he left 'South Park' but I'd started not enjoying the show quite as much as I did in the first 3-4 seasons anyway. But yeah, Isaac Hayes was much too young.

on Friday, August 22 2008, 12:48pm

We're gonna miss Iaasc, but his legacy will live on. Maybe I should watch Wattstax again in his memory. Check it out in our catalog, it was known as Black Woodstock - that's classic! Shaft...