Brian Wilson's Latest - That Lucky Old Sun - due out September 2nd.

by Bufkinite@evpl on Saturday, August 30 2008, 5:22pm. Viewed 767 times.

Lucky Old Sun cover artThe composing force behind the Beach Boys, Brain Wilson has been in creative control of the production of his music since Pet Sounds was released 40 years ago.  His latest recording, That Lucky Old Sun, is coming out in only 3 days. (Several copies are on order for the library - you can put a hold on it by clicking the title link above and using the "Request" button.) Listen to sample tracks and background interviews with Wilson at this site.

The sample tracks that I've listened to, including the title track, indicate that this will be vintage Wilson, with rich and heavily textured male harmonies, without sounding over-engineered.  I don't know if there are many other Beach Boys or Brian Wilson fans out there, but if you're like me, every chance to listen to either is great, and a new recording I consider a blessing.

How many Beach Boys recordings are on your iPod?

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reads@evpl wrote
on Friday, September 5 2008, 8:34am

Thanks for the info. I put a hold on this one. wrote
on Tuesday, September 16 2008, 2:55pm

I just put "The Warmth of the Sun" (28 songs) and "Sounds of Summer" (30 songs) on my Creative Zen Vision M (don't have an ipod.)    When my grandson was about 1 year old and learning to talk and putting sounds together he came out with "Ba Ba Ba" so I of course started singing "Barbara Ann"  the 4 year old picked it up and started singing it too.  I took his little hands and I rolled his arms and rocked him from side to side when we went "rockin and a rollin --rockin and a reeling Barbara Ann Ba Ba Ba Ba Baran".  He even remembered it the next time he heard it and it became my granddaughters favorite song for many months.  Anyway, yes thank god we still have Brian.  The song where he says he "dreamed he was singing with his brothers" just brought me to tears.  Brian Wilson has the most unique beautiful voice in the world.  A very emotional experience awaits those who listen to "That Lucky Old Sun".