Beatles Music Makes Me Smile---What Music Makes You Smile?

by on Tuesday, September 9 2008, 9:10pm. Viewed 957 times.

I said in my profile that I have lots of "firsthand" music knowledge usually in the form of really obscure trivia.  I expect to be challenged on many fronts as much of my information comes from memory although I've been known to check my facts in Google.  I personally like the idea of having the option of purchasing just one song without paying more money for more songs on an album that I might not like.   And yes, Mediaphile  all of The Beatles music is the exception.   Of course I own all The Beatles 45s as well as all their vinyl albums.  Since HoodooVoodoo sang Dylan's praises ....and he too is an exception in favor of his albums although I do own the 45s of Like a Rolling Stone and  Positively Fourth Street, I'm going to sing the praises of the Beatles. 

I was never so happy as when The Capitol Albums vol. 1  Capitol Albums vol. 1  by the Beatles was released.  Until this box set there was no way to get the Meet the Beatles album on CD.  This box set contains all 4 of The Beatles Capitol albums including Something New and Beatles 65 with tracks in the familiar order of the 60's and as a real bonus both the mono and stereo versions are featured.   For a little back story ----The British With the Beatles on the Parlophone label had all the same songs but they were out of familiar order.  The album was redone and repackaged to become the United States' Meet the Beatles and The Beatles Second Album.  Meet the Beatles was released to coincide with The Beatles first appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show.  The Beatles Second Album was produced to satisfy Beatlemaniacs' ever increasing appetite for "more Beatles please".  .  .  I am soWith the Beatles cover thrilled to be able to listen and sing along with the tracks in their "correct" order as special memories are permanently affixed to each and every song.  Don't forget to check out the EVPL holdings if nostalgia from your favorite year is your bag.  So what is the music that cheers you up and puts a smile on your face?

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on Wednesday, September 10 2008, 8:59am

Actually I never smile when I hear music because I am busy singing along.  Let's see -- how about LEGS by ZZ Top or YOU OUGHTA KNOW by Alanis Morissette or IF GOD WAS ONE OF US by Joan Osbourne?  

on Wednesday, September 10 2008, 9:50am

oo oo I thought of another one -- SIMPLY IRRESISTABLE by Robert Palmer.  "She's so fine there's no tellin where the money went" makes my sides split, especially in the video version.  And it's so relevant in these trying times.

on Wednesday, September 10 2008, 4:36pm

Thanks for the shout-out.  Music that puts a smile on my face...hmm, thats a hard one.

How about...

Todd Snider

John Prine

Willie Nelson (in his prime "Shotgun Willie" "Outlaws" period)

The Kinks (late '60s, early '70s)

The Ethel Merman Disco Album (because it is that bad)

Those are just a few off the top of my head.

on Thursday, September 11 2008, 11:16am

A specific Prince song, that I love karaoke'ing to, makes me smile.  The title is a bit inappropriate, so it shall remain nameless.