New Metallica album, "Death Magnetic", releases Friday

by professor.knowsitall@evpl on Wednesday, September 10 2008, 9:00am. Viewed 1,267 times.

MetallicaFor Metallica fans, a new studio album is a big deal.

Their last album, 2003's St. Anger, drew less-than-stellar reviews from critics & fans alike.  While I enjoyed a few tracks (namely the title track, Frantic, and Some Kind of Monster), the lack of guitar solos and the most-annoying-sounding snare drum ever (the term "st. anger" has become internet lingo synonymous for a "snare drum that sounds like a pile of trash cans") really hurt the album.

With Death Magnetic, Metallica promises a return to their roots.  According to those able to "procure" leaked copies, as well as critics' reviews, they've succeeded.

Death Magnetic releases worldwide this Friday, September 12.  Anyone else looking forward to this release?  Still upset about the whole Napster fiasco???

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on Wednesday, September 10 2008, 11:10am

I have absolutely nothing to say about Metallica.

on Thursday, September 11 2008, 11:19am

Just found out...purchasing the album at Best Buy also nets you the album download for Guitar Hero 3/the upcoming Guitar Hero 4 (Xbox 360 version only)!

ramses91 wrote
on Friday, September 12 2008, 4:55pm

I am very excited about this album. I've heard a couple of the songs from it, and they sound like the old Metallica, except that James Hetfield's voice is different.

BennyWhatever wrote
on Friday, September 12 2008, 5:27pm

Just bought the album (not from Best Buy... I live on the west side, and we all know how fun it is to drive there from here).

Aside from most of the songs sounding the same, it's really not too bad.  I like what the guy at Joe's Records said - you need to pretend Metallica had JUST released the '...And Justice For All' album, and you'll set the right expectation for Death Magnet.  The first 3 songs ran together a little, but I do like The Day That Never Comes, and haven't developed an opinion over the much-hyped Unfogiven III yet.  

All-in-all, I like the album.  It definitely moves the band in a better direction than St. Anger.

on Monday, September 15 2008, 10:33pm

Turns out the free Guitar Hero tracks were too good to be have to buy the $30 "special edition".  Getting $18 worth of free GH content with a $10 CD should've been a clear clue that something didn't add up.  So I still haven't bought it.

@ramses91:  I agree...what I've heard I've liked.  Trying to keep my expectations in check, though, til I've heard the rest!

@BennyWhatever: I recently moved near the zoo, so I heart construction too.  Good to hear your positive review!  Maybe we should get the Joe's Records guy to post his thoughts, too!

I haven't heard Unforgiven III yet, but I'll be happy as long as the lyrics aren't:
"Because you're unforgiven threeeeeeeeee!!!!"

on Thursday, September 18 2008, 9:49am

So I ended up buying this yesterday...full review coming soon!!!