Listen Up! - John Prine's Playing the Centre on October 24th!

by Bufkinite@evpl on Monday, October 6 2008, 3:19pm. Viewed 1,703 times.

John Prine with his guitarJohn Prine, named an American Treasure by the Smithsonian Institution, has been an iconic American songwriter and folksinger since the release of the eponymous John Prine in 1971.  That recording contained enough timeless material to make people sit up and take notice: "Illegal Smile" and the Vietnam veteran's lament "Sam Stone," plus songs that have become folk/country standards - "Angel from Montgomery," "Hello In There," and "Paradise."

If you haven't heard Prine play and sing, now's your chance.  He's coming to the Centre on October 24th, and tickets are still available here.  It will be well worth the money and your time.

Like Neil Young, Prine has the ability to take very simple lyrics and weave them into compelling emotional statements.  Sometimes moving, sometimes funny, always a clear-eyed look into the human condition.  Check out the video clip below for an example in the form of the song "All The Best," taken from The Missing Years (the first 30 seconds or so is intro talk)

Even if you don't go to see him, give him a listen!


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on Monday, October 6 2008, 5:25pm

I'll be there.  You beat me to the blog!

kiya@evpl wrote
on Tuesday, October 7 2008, 12:33am

If you missed it, there is a wonderful webcast at the Library of Congress website ( of poet laureate Ted Kooser's interview with John Prine in 2005.

It starts off with introductions - Ted Kooser shows up about 7 minutes in - it's a nice tribute/introduction to John Prine.

I've seen Prine in concert 2 or 3 times, and it has been great every time. I'll be there on the 24th - I'm getting tickets for my birthday!