Blitzen Trapper - "Furr"

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Portland, OR group, Blitzen Trapper, recently released their album, Furr (2008), on Sub-Pop after receiving nationwide acclaim for their last album, Wild Mountain Nation (2007)While their last album seemed to be a little disjointed at times, Furr on the hand, is melodic masterpiece that evokes wild mountain sounds and lo-fi psychedelic indie rock that will have you bobbing to the beats long after you turn the music off.

It's hard to describe Blitzen Trapper's sound.  They list bands like Pavement and artists like Neil Young as influences on their sound (and you can definitely tell), but you can also hear shades of Beck, The Kinks, and New Riders of the Purple SageFurr has more of an alt-country sound and quite a few slow numbers than its predecessor, but the sonic squalls and feedback are still there, just not as heavy.  This drop in the mix has produced a very good album and one that I highly recommend.  You may not have heard of Blitzen Trapper before, but remember the name, because you hear it a lot in the future.

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Sorry, the group doesn't have any videos out for the new record, but here's the video for "Wild Mountain Nation" of their last album with the same title.  Most of the rocking tracks off "Furr" sound a lot like this.


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