Download music with your head held high

by E-Dub@evpl on Tuesday, October 28 2008, 3:23pm. Viewed 868 times.

Now, I know that finding ways to download music for free that's not intended to be downloaded for free carries with it all the thrill of the forbidden (like ripping the tag off your mattress or running with scissors) but have you ever tried downloading for free without the risk of being subpoenaed later?  When, in fact, it's encouraged??  Well let me tell you, there's a thrill involved that you simply can't get any other way...

If you've not yet experienced the multi-tasking exhilaration of downloading while holding your head high, prepare to be amazed. EVPL offers digital downloads of music, audiobooks, e-books and even some movies & TV shows from OverDrive.  Available to you 24/7, all you need is your EVPL library card, a computer & an internet connection, and some easily downloadable software to begin your proud downloading journey.  You can listen to your downloads from your computer or transfer to your MP3 player to take with you. Many are available to burn to CD as well.

We recently added music downloads in OverDrive and are in the process of building the collection. Okay, so no, you won't find the latest Beyonce album, but how about Christmas music (Barenaked Ladies or something more traditional...we have them both)? Need to try out some wedding music at a time that's convenient for you and without paying a fortune? Or how about some music to keep your kids entertained? OverDrive offers all these and more.  

[A BONUS Martha Stewart-like tip:] Play some Halloween music as you hand out candy this coming Friday and spook out your guests, and then be sure to tell them it was free and easy to get from EVPL! 


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on Tuesday, October 28 2008, 6:00pm

Why is Tony Romo dressed like a pirate and singing Jingle Bells??

E-Dub@evpl wrote
on Wednesday, October 29 2008, 1:28pm

I do not know...I just do not know. Christmas moves in mysterious ways.