Tom Jones ROCKS!! (seriously!)

by E-Dub@evpl on Tuesday, October 28 2008, 4:34pm. Viewed 799 times.

So in my musical duties here at the library, I regularly peruse various music mags & blogs (the subject for another blog post on another day because I'm just so excited about this post I can't stop now!). Today...okay, literally 5 minutes ago....I ran across an article in Billboard about Tom Jones' new album (!) coming out Nov. 25!!  BTW, it's a shame that the online article linked above doesn't use the same pic of him as in the print version...which looks much more like this:

Amy Winehouse Inspires New Sir Tom Jones Album

The man must be serious about his tanning.  At any rate, at 68 years old (how CAN that be??), he's still majorly rockin' out! 

The album, entitled 24 Hours, is his first US release in 15 years and he credits Amy Winehouse as an influence in his desire for "doing a retro sound but new."  Check out this live performance of a track that will be on the album. This man can SING:

Never fear, this is on order for the library (I'll update this entry with a link once the record for it is available in the catalog so you can put a hold on it). Get ready for some awesome retro soul done by The Master.  In the meantime, check out some classic TJ in our collection.



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