Lake Street Dive - Prize-winning Song-writing and a Unique Sound

by Bufkinite@evpl on Thursday, October 30 2008, 4:56pm. Viewed 897 times.

Cover art for Lake Street Dive's "In This Episode..."My daughter turned me on to this group, and the recording In This Episode..., and I was completely taken in by them.  Everyone with whom I've shared this recording has been similarly impressed.  Lake Stree Dive is comprised of vocalist Rachael Price, trumpeter and guitarist Mike Olson, Bridget Kearney on bass, and Mike Calabrese on drums, guitar, and keyboards.  The band gained prominence when Kearney's song "Sometimes When I'm Drunk and You Are Wearing My Favorite Shirt" won a Grand Prize and Lennon Award in The John Lennon Songwriting Contest.  The prize resulted in increased exposure for the band, a Midwestern tour and this, their first recording.

The group combines playful lyricism with creative arrangements, and Price's voice is unique enough - pure and rough-edged, earthy and sweet all at once - to be recognizable the next time you hear it.  They've just recently released a second recording, entitled Promises, Promises, but you'll have to wait if you want to check it out from EVPL

Here's a link to the group's MySpace page.
Here's a link to Lake Street Dive recordings available at, where your purchase will benefit the Public Library Friends

And below is a YouTube video of the group's prize winning song, "Sometimes When I am Drunk and You are Wearing My Favorite Shirt." Sound quality isn't the greatest, but it'll give you an idea of this creative group's sound and creative dynamic.


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