Come Together for John Lennon Night

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Sadly Dec. 8 is fast approaching.  Of course that was the day the music died for the second time.  John Lennon was taken from us.  Since his assassin merely wanted fame for his horrible deed I always refer to him as a "poor excuse for a human being."  I refuse to say his name as that clearly proclaims his notoriety.     

7:00 - 11:00

Art Colony Gallery

56 Adams Ave. (next to the ALHAMBRA THEATRE)


 But happily I can report that Dec. 8 in Evansville is John Lennon Night.  Evansville's own Larry Miller a veteran and member of the Veterans for Peace organization every year sponsors this wonderful night.  All people, young and old, who loved John and still believe that all mankind can live together in peace and harmony come together to sing and play Beatles songs.  Yours truly will be performing on keyboard again.  So brush up on your favorite John Lennon songs and sample the library's assortment of "the best music in the world."  lennon cd  See you there.    





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