Keep Holiday Spirits Up with Christmas Novelty Songs

by on Thursday, December 11 2008, 12:34am. Viewed 1,063 times.

We at Popular Materials Center were recently asked to find the song "All I Want for Christmas is My Two Front Teeth".  We found it by Spike Jones and his City Slickers on  The Greatest Christmas Novelty CD of All Time by Dr. Demento.  Christmas novelty songs have a special place in the grand scheme of things during the holidays.  When everyone is stressed to the max a little humor can put the fun back into the Christmas Season.  I was suddenly overwhelmed with nostalgic feelings to hear my own favorite novelty Christmas songs.   

We can all do without The Singing Dogs singing (???) "Jingle Bells" but there are plenty of better ones like Allan Sherman's parody "Twelve Gifts of Christmas" and Gayla Peevey's "I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas" and of course "I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus" by Jimmy Boyd.  I'm sure you too have a Christmas favorite.  Please share with the rest of us bloggers. 

Oh and Merry Christmas.    



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on Thursday, December 11 2008, 9:18am

I love this CD!

on Thursday, December 11 2008, 12:01pm

My favorite novelty Christmas album is "Mr. Hankey's Christmas Classics", featuring the iconic South Park character.  We used to have it available at EVPL, but unfortunately not any more (probably too many complaints!).

It's the only Christmas album I know of requiring the "Parental Advisory" label.

Buy it at Amazon:

kiya@evpl wrote
on Thursday, December 11 2008, 7:19pm

Not exactly novelty songs, but my son is enjoying Monster Ballads Xmas - heavy metal versions of some traditional and not-so-traditional Christmas songs by bands like Twisted Sister, Stryper, and Firehouse.

on Friday, December 12 2008, 10:37am

@kiya@evpl: Thanks for that recommendation!  I heard the Twisted Sister tune a couple days ago on WABX and was wondering where I could get it.  I've placed a hold!

davihaun wrote
on Wednesday, December 17 2008, 5:39pm

Hi folks. This is my first comment, so I'll take some time to introduce myself.

I'm a Reference Assistant at the Indianapolis-Marion County Public Library as well as a full-time Library Science student at IUPUI. I grew up in Evansville, so I like to stay on top of all things E'ville.

Anyways...I thought I'd pass along this little Christmas gem, "Santa Claus is Black Man." Don't let its release on "A John Waters Christmas" scare you, since it's as innocent as can be.

muzak wrote
on Sunday, July 5 2009, 11:40am

Jingle bells by the Barking dogs always makes me smile