The Boss is Back

by on Thursday, February 5 2009, 4:33pm. Viewed 1,527 times.

I'm not a sports fan at all but I always look forward to the Half-Time show and the commercials during the Super Bowl.  I was so happy when I found out Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band would be performing at Half-Time '09.  I was hoping Bruce would do some of the older songs and I was not disappointed.  For 12 minutes I was treated to two of my all time favorite songs from my favorite album/CD  Born To Run.  "Tenth Avenue Freezeout"and "Born to Run" had me on my feet, dancing and singing along with an excitement I hadn't felt in a long time.  It was so wonderful to see Bruce, "Little Steven"(Steve Van Zandt), Max Weinberg (drummer for Conan O'Brien) and Clarence Clemmons on saxophone again.  And when he did the "slide" on his knees that took him right into the camera it was amazing.  Okay I couldn't get just real excited about Patti but I'm told she's very talented.  Bruce is actually my age and it was really neat to see how good he looked.  Still a little scruffy but wow!!!! 


He also sang "Working on a Dream" from the CD "Working on a Dream , and finished with "Glory Days" from Born in the U.S.A.   I'll leave it to someone else to express their criticism of his performance.  All I know is "The Boss is Back" and he is still fabulous!!!

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on Thursday, February 5 2009, 5:29pm

Patti's first solo album, "Rumble Doll," is one of my all-time favorite albums.  I have listened to over and over and over again.  Her voice is gorgeous and the songs incredible.  On her later two albums I think she tried to jazz it up too much, ending up sounding like everybody else who is hot these days.  But that' just me.

on Friday, February 6 2009, 9:18am

The Boss never left.  Ask anyone who has ever seen the E Street play and you know that it is one of the rockinest shows ever.  Bruce rocks harder than anyone half his age.  Did you see that back bend?  And he held it like he was a Chinese acrobat. wrote
on Friday, February 6 2009, 9:43am

Your right MediaPhile I relistened to Rumble Doll by Patti Scialfa and I do like it very much.  I'm sorry to be so critical.  Were the songs supposed to be kind of autobiographical from Rumble Doll?  The words seemed to sort of be a thinly disguised description of her and Bruce's early relationship before they were married.  I can't even remember the name of his first wife.  

on Friday, February 6 2009, 3:45pm

Aren't all songs autobiographical?  Whatever -- they are beautiful lyrically and vocally.  Yeah, I can't remember his first wife's name either -- just remember that she was a model and wanabee actress.