Grammys weren't *gasp* all about the sales

by E-Ville Librarian@evpl on Monday, February 9 2009, 9:10am. Viewed 1,180 times.

Interesting night in the awards show department.  Top of the list is Robert Plant and Alison Krauss for their haunting performance on Raising Sand.  I gotta say this is a great album that, while old world, is alive in a real way.  As with all other awards shows this year, Coldplay won for and performed Viva La Vida that god-awful song in pastel band uniforms.  All the teeny heart throbs were represented (Jonas, Miley and Taylor oh my) and basicly needed more practice (though God bless Stevie Wonder for showing the young Jonases what real soul sounds like.).  T.I. and J.T.  maybe you could blame it on the sound engineer.  I have to say I would really much have prefered to here Duffy over Katy Perry, though how bout all the fruit?  Lots will be on the news tomorrow (today?) about Chris Brown and Rihanna, Nancy Grace is on the prowl.  Grrr.  Radiohead rocked the house.  With the USC band for backup, lead singer Thom Yorke channeled primative spirits and gesticulated forth a grinding, crashing number which stood proof of what their street cred already gets 'em.  Best Rap Album winner Lil Wayne performed with half of the Dirty Dozen.  Did you see Kid Rock's RING?!?!  (I know you don't remember his  singing ; )  Is it me or is Kanye more and more like Michael Jackson every time he comes on stage?  At first I thought MJ had been frozen scince '82.  Carrie Underwood knocked 'em dead.  Adele and Sugarland sounded solid.  U2 opened the show, but didn't leave an impression.  And Neil Diamond as the show closer ... meh (though Sir Paul was groovin' to Sweet Caroline.)  The highlight for me was Stevie Wonder playing the rarest of rare R&B songs with meat to its bones as the credits closed, causing the great tune to be relegated as background music for a Delta commercial.  For shame.


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on Monday, February 9 2009, 12:24pm

So that was Radiohead....caught it midstream and wondered who it was....the productions were pretty lavish...alot to pull together for somebody...