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by kiya@evpl on Wednesday, May 27 2009, 10:22am. Viewed 1,101 times.

I’ve been going through the CDs at Red Bank lately, trying to figure out how to fit more in, and have come across a couple I’ve enjoyed listening to.

The first is Low Strung, which has 11 rock classics arranged for and performed by master cellists who got a little tired of always playing the harmony line…  I love the sound of the cello anyway, and these were very pleasing to listen to.  I went to the band’s website, and found that they have a new CD due out soon. I also learned that they performed in Evansville a little over a year ago – they provided a link to the great review Roger McBain wrote for the C&P about the show.  You can listen to a couple of the songs on their MySpace page.

·         Low Strung’s website

·         Low Strung’s MySpace page


I also found a singer from my past – J. D. Souther.  I had a couple of his albums on vinyl, and loved them. I particularly remember “The Moon Just Turned Blue”  and “‘Til the Bars Burn Down” from my grad school years. (My neighbors from that time might recall them, too.  I used to crank the volume when cleaning house.)  Somehow, when everything changed over to CD, I never got around to replacing Souther's, and sort of forgot about him. EVPL owns two of his CDs (and his new one will soon be here), and now JD is back in my life.  The bonus? While writing this blog post, I discovered he’s also the narrator on the downloadable audiobook of Jimmy Buffet’s A Salty Piece of Land.  I’m loading it onto my mp3 player now – this should be interesting!

·         J D Souther’s website

·         J D Souther’s MySpace page

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