Michael Buble, "Crazy Love"

by googler@evpl on Wednesday, March 3 2010, 1:31pm. Viewed 1,002 times.

You may have caught Michael Buble singing after the closing ceremony of the Olympic Games. Not a hugely impressive performance for him, I thought -- the man has a remarkable voice and a classic style, in the mode of Sinatra and Darin. He does Vegas-style arrangements of standards and "classic pop" as well as anyone these days.

His latest CD is called Crazy Love, and contains both standards and modern songs. The standards include the opening track, "Cry Me a River," and this thing is one of the most melodramatic arrangments of any song I've ever heard. Critics didn't exactly love this track when the album came out, calling it bombastic, heavy-handed, over-arranged, but I liked it immediately (of course, it may just have suited my mood at the time). I think the drama of the music matches the drama of the lyric, and it's a lot of fun to sing along with.

The modern songs on the CD are surprsing, interesting, and likeable, from the Eagles to a couple of new songs he co-wrote. Jazz and blues elements continue to creep into his style, and he pulls it off pretty well.

Check out Buble's video of "Cry Me a River" here.

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