Silver Bullets for Your Werewolf Problem?

by seeker@evpl on Friday, August 1 2008, 10:57am. Viewed 655 times.

I always admire writers who do a professional job of researching their material, whether they're writing fiction or non-fiction.  I have been avidly reading Patricia Briggs' series about Mercy Thompson, mechanic and coyote shapeshifter.  In her first book, Mercy deals with a pesky werewolf problem by casting her own silver bullets and blasting away.  A couple of fans wrote Patricia to doubt that whipping up some silver bullets in your garage while a werewolf is prowling around is all that easy. 

So Patricia and her husband, Mike, did a little research on homemade silver bullets from the time of Lone Ranger and Tonto's efforts to today's recommended werewolf erradication practices.  Finally, Mike tried to make some himself and shoot them.  I think you'll enjoy reading about their careful research and conclusions at   I expect to see some changes in Mercy's future adventures!

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kiya@evpl wrote
on Monday, August 4 2008, 5:17pm

Thanks, I really enjoyed this post, and all the wonderful stuff at the link.  It's really cool when authors try to get it right, and are responsive to their fans.