China Kiosk Display

by T-ref@evpl on Saturday, August 9 2008, 5:26pm. Viewed 465 times.

The 2nd floor kiosk display is highlighting books about China the week of August 9-15. The website that will be featured on the EVPL homepage is: The Official Website of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games August 8-24, 2008. The website features news, schedules and results, medal counts, information about athletes and teams and much more. Having just been in China July 6-17, it is very exciting to see many of the sites that I saw in person. While in Beijing, we went to see the Bird's Nest and the Watercube at night. We have also been watching the Travel Channel a lot and I think Samantha Brown  followed us around in Beijing when she did her Passport to China episodes. Feel free to visit the featured website and the kiosk this week and enjoy watching the Olympics.

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