New Local Newspaper

by lotech@evpl on Tuesday, August 19 2008, 2:31pm. Viewed 938 times.

Free copies of a new local newspaper have appeared in our libraries: "The City County Observer".  The paper describes itseilf as "A Non-Partisan Publication Dedicated to the Reporting of Your Local Government at Work".  This is the first issue, August, 2008, volume 1, issue 1; the paper appears to aim for a monthly publication.  Besides several articles about local government, this first issue has two pages of local candidates for the upcoming general election; the page includes thier photos and comments.  A calendar of some of this month's governmental meetings appears on another page.  The paper's website, , also has a full copy of this month's paper, links to both city and county governement websites, and an archives which will apparently have past issues as new issues are published.

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on Wednesday, August 20 2008, 8:31am

If your wondering where my comment went that I posted before, I deleted it.  I decided that my comments should non-partisan as well.  

on Wednesday, August 20 2008, 5:15pm

I wonder if they paid for the national stuff.