New Drivers

by T-ref@evpl on Thursday, August 21 2008, 2:50pm. Viewed 856 times.

My 16 year old just got her license yesterday and drove to school for the first time today. Getting her license has been a year in the making with driver's education, taking the driving test and the written test. In Indiana, new drivers are required to wait 30 days after their birthday to get their license and an additional 90 days before they can have anyone under 21 in the car with them. Seems like a pretty good rule to me!

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Dr.Beat@evpl wrote
on Thursday, August 21 2008, 4:15pm

I think I was the only kid in my grade to not break the 90 day rule back when I got my license. Kids don't take it seriously enough, but it IS hard to not feel like you're hot stuff finaly being able to drive.

kiya@evpl wrote
on Monday, August 25 2008, 12:23pm

As a parent, I was surprised how much of the teaching I had to do, even though my son took a driver's ed course.  Crashproof your Kids, by Timothy Smith was a big help to me in figuring out what to cover, and how to talk about it with my son. There are several copies in the library system.