Browning Genealogy Database now available on VINE

by seeker@evpl on Friday, August 22 2008, 9:56am. Viewed 1,858 times.

Digital records from EVPL's Browning Genealogy Database can now be seen in the State Library's VINE database (  Vital Information Exchange, (VINE), is a collaborative state wide database that searches databases on Indiana local history and vital records from Indiana libraries, historical societies, genealogy societies, etc.  Right now, it only searches names, but eventually it will be searchable by county or event.  Mike Abaray tells me that we are sending copies of our new entries in the Local History Database to them, so these will eventually be available as well.

To see how it works, go to the Indiana State Library site at and click on The VINE (Vital Information Exchange) under Online Services in the upper right corner.

Type in the last name Bosse and choose obituary as your record type from the list: anniversary, biography, birth, cemetery, census, church records, death, divorce, marriage, military, mortality, naturalization, obituaries, school/yearbooks.

There are 22 obituaries for the Bosse family all over the state.  The first record from us is Benjamin H. Bosse, nephew of Mayor Bosse.  Oddly enough, the address for the Browning Obituary Database appears under "Survivors" as a source for additional information, but the link is not live.  EVPL's name, address and logo appear on the record, but not our link.

The Browning Genealogy Database is one of our most popular databases with genealogists from all over the US, but the exposure from VINE should increase our hits.  I think VINE is a useful tool for genealogy searchers right now, and will be a good resource in the future for Indiana local history.

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