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by banksoftheohio@evpl on Monday, August 25 2008, 7:38pm. Viewed 1,070 times.

So far I've managed to avoid blog-bragging about my new status as a grandparent, but a recent gift from a friend and fellow grandmother has convinced me to throw that resolution out the window.  Every grandparent needs to know about  Your Baby's First Year, Week by Week, such a great way to keep abreast of what that grandchild is up to.  Reading the chapters weekly gives far-flung family members a real-time connection to the many changes an infant goes through during the first exciting year of life.  My daughter, on the other hand, swears by What to Expect the First Year, which is organized on a month by month basis, and a quick look at the shelves here at the library indicates that there are lots of similar guides to choose from.  Let me know if you have a personal favorite.

                                                                               From Bunny and Me by Adele Aron Greenspan

from Bunny and Me by Adele Aron Greenspun

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on Monday, September 8 2008, 5:04pm

Nice idea for books, all I had was Dr. Spock and these sound much better.