Find out, before you go out

by E-Ville Librarian@evpl on Thursday, September 4 2008, 7:56pm. Viewed 1,307 times.

Want to go on a date with that cute guy you met on the internet, but aren't sure if you can trust him?  Why not check to see if he has an active warrant for his arrest?  The Courier & Press has recently posted a database where you can do just that.  However, this only checks in Vanderburgh County, so you still need to be careful with those long distance relationships. Indifferent

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seeker@evpl wrote
on Wednesday, September 17 2008, 5:57pm

There are a few other Indiana county warrant searches at, so perhaps this is a trend who's time has come. I don't know anyone from those particular counties, so I haven't tried any of them out, but more and more public records are hitting the Internet -- some for free!  ;-)